The Territory

The Mount Vulture is the great lord of our territory. It is a dormant volcano that shaped our land and created its fertility by thousand years of eruptive activities. As a result, the hills all around the Mount Vulture become a special and suites place for high quality agricultural productions.  We are located on north side of Basilicata region in South Italy, embraced between Campania and Puglia regions. Because of its location our territory benefits of an extraordinary naturalistic richness but also of historical importance. From the Ancient Romans to the Middle-Age the Mount Vulture was considered strategic. Cities and villages of our territory have been founded during these historical periods. Quinto Orazio Flacco - one of the most important ancient roman poet - was born and lived in the City of Venosa. The Normans leaded by Robert of Altavilla - so-called Il Guiscardo - choose the City of Melfi as the first capital city during their conquest of South Italy. His castle in Melfi still exists and it become later also an important residence of Frederick II of Swabia.